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TOM Organic Tampons


TOM Organic offers a range of tampons to keep you chemical free, every ‘Time Of Month’.

TOM Organic is the first and currently the only range of 100% biodegradeable feminine hygiene products accredited by Australian Certified Organic association. Ingredients on the back of conventional tampon packs include things like rayon, viscose, polypropylene with a cotton string. In simple terms: tree pulp, synthetics and plastics.

TOM Organic Tampons creator Aimee Marks then discovered cotton is considered to be the most highly sprayed crop on the planet.

From this point onwards, Aimee became committed to developing a solution that her friends, family and the greater female population could benefit from; a product with integrity and style, respect for the environment and women’s health and unique design.

Aimee is proud to announce, T.O.M Organic was born in Melbourne, Australia; The worlds only Australian Certified Organic tampon brand that prioritises your health & the environment all in an uber-slim pack for that certain ‘Time Of Month.’